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Couple Test Questions

Couple Test Questions

It’s time to find out how well you know your significant other with our couples question test! Each question is worth one point. You guys will be the judge of whether the other deserves the point. Keep track of your points and whoever has more points by the end of the test, wins bragging rights! (Better than money right ) So let’s jump in.

  1. What is their favorite color?
  2. What city were they born in?
  3. What is their mother’s maiden name?
  4. How many siblings do they have?
  5. Would they rather; read a book or watch a Neftlix series?
  6. What is their position title at their job?
  7. Who is their bestfriend (not you silly) ?
  8. Have they ever been out of the country?
  9. When is their birthday?
  10. What is their Grandma and Grandpa’s names (both sides) ?
  11. What is their go to social media platform?
  12. What type of car do they drive?
  13. What color are their eyes?
  14. What is their natural hair color?
  15. Have they ever been sky diving?

How did you do? We truly hope you enjoyed playing our couple test questions game. Feel free to check out some of the other question games we have! Check out printful

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