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gift ideas for gamer boyfriend

Gift ideas for gamer

Below is a complete list in no particular order of amazing gift ideas for any gamer that will certainly make them happy.

Retro Gaming Console

It’s technically a knock off, but for how cheap it is, it makes a wonderful gift. Hundreds of retro games packed into one little console.

Light up mouse pad

If their into computer gaming, a light up mouse pad is a great cheap gift idea.

Gamer Shirts

Another awesome and inexpensive gift idea for a gamer.

Gamer computer chairs

A little more expensive than the other items but they may be in need of an upgrade.

Gaming Headset

A good headset is a necessity in the online gaming world.

Gift Cards

A gift card may seem like a cheap gift idea, but honestly they’ll appreciate it. Not only can they spend the gift card on new games, they can also use the gift card to purchase “in game currency or in game items” (which is money they can spend on various things inside their favorite game). Trust me, they will know what to spend it on and be grateful for it.

Remember make sure you get it for the right system. If they play Xbox, a PlayStation card would be useless.

Bonus – if you know their favorite game (example Fortnite has v bucks) they probably have gift cards specifically for that game.

Game Pass

Game pass / Playstation plus will give your man access to a library of games. Purchasing individual games can add up quickly so get them a game pass and they will have a ton of games to choose from. Remember make sure to buy it for whichever console they play (if they plays playstation, don’t get and xbox or pc pass)

Twitch Gift Card

If they enjoy watching twitch streamers you can get them a gift card so they cause use it to purchase channel subscriptions or gift subscriptions for their favorite streamers.

Next Generation Console

If you really feel like spoiling them and they are still gaming on an old platform (ps4 / xbox one) you can gift them a massive upgrade.

We hope you found our “gift ideas for gamer” blog helpful! Check out other gift ideas here!

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